nanoPAD2 sliders MaxMSP patch.

Alter control change messages while pressing trigger pads. Up to 128 controllers.

nanoPATCH2_presentation nanoPATCH2_patch

MaxMSP patch.

Touch X-Y pad while pressing a trigger pad to send control change messages.

Control change number is calculated as follow:
X-axis: Trigger pad MIDI note pitch value – 36 (from number 0 to number 63)
Y-axis: Trigger pad MIDI note pitch value – 36 and + 64 (from number 64 to number 127)

Control change value is X or Y value. Pass-through all others MIDI messages.

nanoPATCH2.maxpat version 0.3 (md5: 5f3977686aeb42b0255a8af8eb5061ec)

Korg nanoPAD2 with factory settings
Cycling74 MaxMSP 5 or greater

2 thoughts on “nanoPATCH2

  1. Wow! This is what i was looking to find from a long time. We need your help in expanding our mappings. We recently worked on nanoPAD2 mappings that allow users to use it as a MidiFighter 3D (Please check it out at

    Problem is that with XY pad only two control change messages can be sent at one time. Can you come up with some sort of patch that allows it to send four CC messages? from the center to four directions? If that could be done people will be able to use it as a midifighter 3D!!! let us know! waiting to hear from you!

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